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Link Customization- Hover/Underline

Ever want to change the way your links look? Maybe you'd like for them to change color as your readers hover over them. Or perhaps you'd like for them to be underlined.

This tutorial will show you how to do just that.

This tutorial is an intermediate-advanced tutorial based on Blogger's minima template. You will be making some changes to the HTML of your template. It is highly suggested that you download and SAVE a copy of your CURRENT template before proceeding any further. You will not be able to preview changes to your links, so you have to be VERY careful not to change anything other than the information in the places indicated below.

Before beginning, I will suggest that you only change the color of your links and visited links via the fonts and colors section of your blog. Once you've changed the color in the HTML of your template, you will not be able to easily change it in the fonts and colors section anymore. Why mess with something that works pretty good as it is?

Finding the links section- The link codes can be found above the header section.

1. Open up the html of your template (dashboard-->layout-->edit html)

2. Download and save a copy of your current template.

3. Scroll down until you see something like this:

Adding an underline
- In the image above, I have created an underline that will appear when my readers hover over the links that I create on my blog.

1. Decide what you'd like to underline (link, visited link, hover).

2. Look under the type of link you'd like to change and replace 'none' with 'underline' beside 'text-decoration'. Don't forget the ; at the end!

Changing the color of your links
- As mentioned before, I prefer to do this in my fonts and colors section. But, do what you want to do. It is your blog, after all! :)

1. Find the six digit hex codes for the colors that you'd like to use. Click here to find hex codes for any color. You can also get hex codes from the following color charts:

2. Decide which colors you'd like to change. You can change the color of your links, visited links and the color of the links when people hover over them.

3. Replace $linkcolor; $visitedlinkcolor; and/or $titlecolor; (hover) under the type of link you'd like to change with the six digit hex codes of your choice. Don't forget the # sign and the ; after the numbers. EX: If you want your links to turn pink when people hover over them, replace $titlecolor; with #d5617a; .

4. Here's what your section might look like if you changed your links and visited links to black (#000000;) and hover effect to pink:

On this blog, I only want an underline below the links when people hover over them. I also chose to change the color of my links in my fonts and colors section. My code looks like this:

Have fun! :)

Falling Snow For Your Blog!- Beginner

I stumbled upon a really easy way to put falling snow on your blog. It works best on dark backgrounds, as the snow (tiny, flurrying white dots) is white. Check out Kurt Grigg's tutorial over at Dynamic Drive. The tutorial is easy to follow, but requires that you dive into the HTML of your template to do so.

Of course, being my sneaky self, I simplified the process a bit to make it easy enough for beginners. Here's whatcha do:

1. Go to your blog's 'Page Elements' page. (dashboard-->layout-->page elements)

2. Select 'add a gadget' in your sidebar.

3. Choose 'HTML/Javascript'.

4. Copy the code in purple below and paste it into the'HTML/Javascript' box:

<script src="http://snow-effect.googlecode.com/files/snow.js" type="text/javascript">


* Snow Effect without images-by Kurt Grigg at http://www.btinternet.com/~kurt.grigg/javascript
* Script featured & available at Dynamic Drive at http://www.dynamicdrive.com/
* Please keep this notice intact


5. Save.

Simply delete the gadget when you no longer want snow to fall on your blog!

Having trouble? Sue over at Saving Your Hard Earned Money discovered that it took a long time for her snow to appear once she installed the gadget on her blog. If snow doesn't appear on your blog right away, leave the gadget for a day or two and see if it starts. You can also try moving the gadget higher in your sidebar. Make sure that the gadget is above the background code (if you have one). :)

Enjoy your snow! If you live anywhere near me, it may be the only snow you see this year!

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A Bit of Housekeeping...

As much as I loved my old look, it was time for a change!

If you have tried to leave me a comment lately, you'll have noticed my new comment system. I have decided to try Disqus, mainly because I think it will help you guys more if you are able to see my replies to questions that other bloggers have had. We'll see how it goes....

Leaving a comment on this blog is different than leaving a comment on most blogs, but it is a fairly painless process. Once you click on 'comments' or 'view comments' you can choose to create an account or to leave a comment as a guest. Simply write whatever it is that you'd like to say and then fill in your info. Rather than answering questions via email, I will now be answering them in the comments section. If you ask me a question, be sure that there is a little green check mark next to 'subscribe to all comments' so that you will know when I respond.

I also added a handful of nifty links below my header which will hopefully be helpful to you:

Click on 'About' to learn more about how this blog was born and how on earth I got a name like Sneaky Momma. :)

Check out my 'Help Me!' section to see what kind of services I offer, both simple (i.e. free!) and on a larger scale. I offer troubleshooting services at a very low rate. I can also help you build your blog and/or give your blog a custom makeover.

I am excited to share with you the links to all of my favorite blog help sites. These are the very same sites that have helped me in the past. Perhaps they'll help you, too!

If you are interested in advertising your family-friendly blog or business in my sidebar, feel free to check out my amazingly low monthly rates. I would love to help bring traffic your way!

I added a pretty little pink and white grab button in my right sidebar. A SUPER big thank you to all of you who have put my button on your blog or who have written a post about my tips. I sure do appreciate it! All of my older buttons still work, just in case you are wondering. :)

A new tip is coming soon, one that has been requested quite a bit lately. I am also going to be working on a series of beginner tips. If there is something that you have been embarrassed to ask, please do so. I would love to walk you through the basics. I guarantee you that someone else needs help in the same areas that you do, too!

Like my tips? Want to share them with your readers? I would LOVE for you to do so by grabbing my button and displaying it on your blog or by writing a post about my tips. Please do not copy and paste my tips into a post on your own blog. Thanks so much for spreading the word. I REALLY appreciate it!

Numbered Comments- Advanced

Do you host giveaways on your blog? Ever get frustrated as you try to figure out exactly which of your readers left the 55th (or whatever) comment on your giveaway post????

I recently stumbled upon simple instructions for how to number comments on Blogger. This advanced tip requires that you dive into the HTML of your template, so make sure you try it on a practice blog first, and at the very least, download a copy of your CURRENT template.

Head over to tech tnt and check it out!

Be warned: This tip does not allow you to customize color, size, etc, but it will give you a small number for each comment up to 200. Once you reach 200, it will start over. Basically, comment #201 will become #1. So, you'll have two #1's, but they are still in order. Comment 214 will be 14 and so on and so on. I didn't find it too difficult to figure out. :)

I've heard that some people have trouble with this tip if they have their comments enabled to show profile pics beside the comments. If you have trouble, I would just turn the photos off and try again.

Even with a few glitches, I think this is sooooooo much better than counting and recounting all of those comments!!!!

Like my tips? Want to share them with your readers? I would LOVE for you to do so by grabbing my button and displaying it on your blog or by writing a post about my tips. Please do not copy and paste my tips into a post on your own blog. Thanks so much for spreading the word!
Alphabetical List of All Tips
Tips by Ability Level

Beginner tips are tips that anyone can use.

Most intermediate tips require a little more skill when it comes to working with HTML. Download a copy of your template if a tip calls for making changes to the HTML of your blog. Use a practice blog if you are at all uncomfortable.

Advanced tips are for users who have successfully implemented beginner and intermediate tips with ease. They can be very difficult and most require several attempts before getting them right. Serious problems can result if a mistake is made while using an advanced tip, so try them on a practice blog first. As always, make sure to download a copy of your template before working on your real blog.

Sticky Posts

Have an important post that you'd like to remain on top of all of your other posts? This is called a sticky post because, well, it sticks in place. :)

There are a few ways to create a sticky post. I'm going to show you the easiest way I've found to do it. No need to do any more work than you have to!

To create a sticky post:

1. Create the post.

2. Publish the post. You must publish the post before proceeding in order to make this work.

3. Edit the post.

4. Click on 'Post Options' (above 'Publish Post'- circled in red above).If you are using the Updated Editor, you will need to then select "Scheduled at".

5. Change the date and the time of the post (underlined in green above) to a date and a time that reflect how long you would like for the post to remain at the top. If you want the post at the top indefinitely, change the year to one in the distant future, like I did in the example above (2013). :)

6. Click on 'Publish Post'.

Enjoy your sticky post! :)

*If you are just wanting to draw attention to a few sentences rather than a long post, I would consider creating an announcement instead.

For more help creating sticky posts, visit
Tips For New Bloggers

Tips by Ability Level

Beginner tips are tips that anyone can use. If you mess up while following a beginner tip, simply delete everything you've done and begin. Beginner tips pose no risk to your template.

Intermediate tips require a little more skill. Some of them involve making changes to the html of your template. One saved misstep while working with the html of your template can bring an undesirable effect to your blog. It is super important that you go slow and pay close attention when following an intermediate tip. You'll need to download a copy of your template if the tip calls for making changes to the HTML of your template. I recommend creating a practice blog to experiment with.

Advanced tips are for users who have successfully implemented beginner and intermediate tips with ease. They can be very difficult and most require several attempts before getting them right. Serious problems can result if a mistake is made while using an advanced tip, so try them on a practice blog first. As always, make sure to download a copy of your template before working on your real blog.

Free Tips and Tutorials

There are several ways to find tips on my blog. Scroll down or click below to:
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Tips by ability level and an alphabetical list of all tips can also be found in my sidebar.

Tips by Ability Level

Beginner tips are tips that anyone can use.

Most intermediate tips require a little more skill when it comes to working with HTML. Download a copy of your template if a tip calls for making changes to the HTML of your blog. Use a practice blog if you are at all uncomfortable.

Advanced tips are for users who have successfully implemented beginner and intermediate tips with ease. They can be very difficult and most require several attempts before getting them right. Serious problems can result if a mistake is made while using an advanced tip, so try them on a practice blog first. As always, make sure to download a copy of your template before working on your real blog.

Tips by Category (coming soon!)

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My name is Jill....and I'm a blogaholic!

I created my first blog in 2007 in order to record the events and photos of my growing family. It didn’t take long before I wanted to make my blog better. One quick look at the price of a makeover by a professional blog designer revealed that if I wanted my blog to have a facelift, I would have to learn how to do it myself.

After countless internet searches and HUNDREDS of hours of practice, I gave myself my first three-column makeover. Several people commented on it and asked how I added a third column. Rather than give them the 3-4 links that I combined info from in order to figure it out for myself, I decided to write a easier-to-understand post detailing how I did it. So many people were helped by this tip that I created another post to help others add a grab box for their buttons.

Pretty soon I was cranking out a tip a week and decided that my tips needed their own space. Out of that need, Sneaky Momma Blog Design was born!

I am not an HTML expert by any means. I am simply a self-taught blog designer who wishes to make the blogging world a better place by sharing my hard earned knowledge with others. Need help with your blog? Click here to visit my help section. 

Why Sneaky Momma?

sneaky (adj.): marked by quiet and caution and secrecy; taking pains to avoid being observed

I started calling our girls 'sneaky' when they were into everything as a young toddlers. When we would play peek-a-boo, I would ask where my sneaky little girls were. They loved it and would erupt in giggles every time.

A couple of years ago, I was trying to come up with a unique name for my new blog. Our oldest daughter came up to me and said, "Sneaky mommy! Are you on the 'puter?" The light bulb came on, the keys clackety-clacked, Blogger approved and Sneaky Momma was born!


Need help?

If you need help with a particular issue, please take a look through my tips to see if I have already covered it. You can search for tips through my search bars, list of all tips, tips by category, or tips by ability. Be sure to read through the comments, as I often answer questions down there. The comments section is often more helpful than my actual tips!

If you cannot find what you're looking for, simply ask your question in a comment on any of my posts. Be sure to click on the "email follow up comments" box so that you will know when I reply. If I cannot answer your question, I will try my best to point you in the right direction. If I do not respond, please submit your comment again. I get LOTS of requests for help and occasionally I will overlook one.

My readers and I have compiled a couple of lists of great blogger tutorials and freebies. Click here to check it out. Perhaps they will help you!

Due to an overwhelming number of requests, I am unable to respond to emails requesting free blog help. Please ask your question in the comments section of any post so that others can benefit from my response. Emails sent to me requesting free blog help will not receive a response.

If you require more help than a quick comment will provide, I offer troubleshooting services at the rate of $15/hour (1 hour minimum). Most problems that I am equipped to handle take about an hour or less. Leave a comment detailing your problem along with your email address and blog url (web address). If I am able to help you, I will send you a quote and time estimate.

I am not accepting full makeover customers at this time, however, I will often take on small orders ($10 minimum) that do not involve a great deal of design work, such as buttons made from logos and/or photographs. If you'd like to hire me to help you with a small order, please send me a detailed email along with your blog url and I will see what I can do for you. :)

Helpful Links

Where do I go when I need help? To the sites below!
Click here for a reader generated list of blog related resources.
Click here for help choosing a blog designer.

Blogger Help Videos
Blogger Buster
Blog Doctor
Blogger Tricks
Tips for Bloggers
Develop A Blog
Blog Bloke
Tricks for New Bloggers
Tips for New Bloggers
HTML Goodies
Kevin and Amanda
Digital Inspiration
Tech TNT
The Shabby Princess

Promote Your Blog Or Business!

Have a family friendly blog or business that you’d like to bring attention to? Consider advertising on this blog!

All small ad spaces are 125 x 125px. Ad spaces on the top row are $10/month, when available. Lower spots are $5/month. In order to comply with search engine policies regarding paid advertising, all button ads will include the no follow attribute (rel="nofollow"). Advertising payments are nonrefundable. I give the option of paying month-to-month or for up to three months in advance (10% discount).

I can reduce the size and/or add a band of solid color to most square buttons in order to make them fit the ad space. Wish to use a larger ad? Contact me for rate/placement information.

Any questions? I'd love to hear from you!

Looking forward to sharing your blog/business with my readers!

Favicons- Intermediate

I’m sure you’ve noticed how some blogs and websites have tiny little pictures beside the web address at the top of the screen. That little picture is called a favicon. This tutorial will teach you how to get one!

You will need to create an image for this tutorial. If you do not know how to create an image or have no desire to do so, you can go to Favicons 4 Free where they have several images to choose from. All you have to do is copy the code that they provide and put it into the HTML of your template. Easy peasy.

Still want to try your hand at creating your own? It is important to note that the instructions below create favicons that are visible in Firefox only. Click here for a more complicated tutorial on how to make favicons that can be seen in IE and other browsers.

You will have to dive into the HTML of your template for this one, making this an intermediate tip. DO NOT attempt to install your favicon without first downloading a copy of your current template. Be careful not to change anything within the HTML of your template, unless you are directed to do so.

Now...how to create a favicon!

1. Create an image that measures 16 x 16 pixels. This can be tricky. I suggest creating a very simple design on a transparent background.

2. Save it as a .png or .jpg.

3. Upload your image to Photobucket as a tiny image.

4. Open up a blank word or notepad document.

5. Copy and paste the following code into the blank document:

<link href="http://photobucket.com/yourfaviconimage.jpg" rel="shortcut icon"> <link href="http://photobucket.com/yourfaviconimage.jpg" rel="icon">

6. Replace the red portions with the direct link to your image. The direct link to your image can be found in photobucket, underneath the image.

7. Copy the modified code.

8. Click to ‘edit html’ on your layout page. Download a copy of your current template if you have not already done so.

9. Scroll down until you see</head>.

10. Paste the code that you modified in step 6 right above </head>. It should look like the code highlighted in blue above.

11. Preview and save if you like what you see.

Enjoy your new favicon!!!

For more help with favicons visit:
Blogger Buster

Creating a Friendly Following

Click here for helpful blog tips!

Like my new button? Feel free to grab it for your blog!

The following tips are for people who wish to form online friendships with other bloggers. These tips are based upon experience with my personal blog, not this one, which is more informative in nature. For those of you looking to increase your following in a different manner, click here for information that may be better suited to your needs.

You have spent several hours creating your blog. You’ve written a few AMAZING posts. You’ve posted adorable photos of your children. A pretty background from The Cutest Blog on the Block adorns your blog. Your blog is AWESOME! So, why on earth aren’t people commenting on your posts? Where are your followers?

It is entirely up to you to find readers for your blog. You will need to do a little bit of work in order to have a following. The more followers you desire, the more work you’ll need to do.

If friendship is what you desire, this work is FUN!

If you want more followers, follow more blogs. If you want friendship, reach out to other bloggers through kind, personal comments and show your email address in your profile so that they can respond to your comments. If you want people to comment on your blog, leave sincere comments on the blogs of others.

It really is that simple.

To begin, I would suggest finding a few blogs that are similar to yours. If you like what you see, consider becoming a follower of their blog. Leave kind comments on a post or two. Most of the time, these bloggers will visit you and leave a comment on your blog. They may even decide to follow you!

FYI: The more comments/followers/blogs a blogger has, the less likely they will be to visit your blog. I would try to befriend people who are also trying to make friends and increase their following.

In order to keep blogging friends coming back to your blog, you’ll need (want- I hope!) to visit their blogs ever so often to read and comment on their posts. Be sure to show your email address in your profile, so that others can quickly respond to your comments if they wish to do so.

Once you have made a couple of blogging friends, I would suggest checking out the bloggers in their followers lists. If people like their blogs, chances are they’ll like yours, too!

Important note:
I do not recommend advertising your blog in the comments section of other bloggers. “Hey there! Come visit my blog…” , etc. etc. It is blatantly OBVIOUS when I get a comment on my blog or an email from another blogger that has been copied and pasted a million times. Maybe this has been an effective ploy to increase followers for some, but I personally find it to be HUGE turn off. *I do believe that a blog address (url) can be added tastefully to a comment, so long as it is accompanied by a sincere comment about the post in which it is written. Promoting your blog should never be the main focus on a comment, in my opinion. :)

You may also consider participating in a few weekly meme’s, such as Wordful Wednesday, Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop and Photostory Friday. Visit their blogs for prompts, rules and more information. Basically, you write a post that fits the meme. Then you go to the host blog and add your link, which will be visible to all of the other participants. There are tons of weekly meme's out there. Keep your eyes open for cool ones to participate in. Fun, fun!

That, my friends, is what worked for me in the beginning. Blogging has taken me places I never dreamed I’d go. It has introduced me to friends all over the world that I would never have met otherwise. It has been an amazing ride, one that I do not see ending soon.

Best of luck to you as you embark on your blogging adventure. Simply do for other bloggers what you would like to have them do for you and you can't go wrong. Have fun and comment away! : )

Custom Drop Down Menus - Intermediate

Have you seen the new drop down menus at the top of my sidebar? The ones for beginner tips, etc.? I only recently learned how to do these. They’re surprisingly simple and require no template tweaking, as they are created as an HTML gadget. You do have to work with HTML, making this an intermediate tip.

To create a custom drop-down menu:

1. Copy and paste the following code into notepad or a new word document:

<select onchange="javascript:window.open(this.options[this.selectedIndex].value);"><option value=""/>Title of Drop Down Menu<option value="http://link1.com"/>Link 1 Title<option value="http://link2.com"/>Link 2 Title</select>

2. Replace the colored sections with your own information. The above code only includes two links. You may add more links by adding the following code after the current links (in orange and blue above) and before </select>

<option value="http://newlink.com"/>New Link Title

3. Go to your Page Elements page and click on ‘add a gadget’. Select ‘HTML/Javascript’.

4. Copy and paste the code you modified in step 2 into the gadget box.

5. Save.

For example:

Here's how I created my ‘Beginner Tips’ drop down menu. *FYI: My actual beginner tips drop down menu contains several links. For this demonstration, I'm only using the top four.

1. First, I copied the code from step 1 above and pasted it into a blank Word document. Then I replaced the colored info with my own info. This is what it looked like:

<select onchange="javascript:window.open(this.options[this.selectedIndex].value);"><option value=""/>Beginner Tips
<option value="http://sneakymommablogdesign.blogspot.com/2009/02/blog-tip-tuesday-backing-up-your-blog.html"/>Backing Up Your Blog
<option value="http://sneakymommablogdesign.blogspot.com/2009/04/blogger-nav-bar.html"/>Blogger Nav Bar</select>

2. I copied the code in step two and pasted it twice (because I wanted to add two more links) in my newly created code before the </select> tag. Then I replaced the red words with my own info, which made my code look like this:

<select onchange="javascript:window.open(this.options[this.selectedIndex].value);"><option value=""/>Beginner Tips
<option value="http://sneakymommablogdesign.blogspot.com/2009/02/blog-tip-tuesday-backing-up-your-blog.html"/>Backing Up Your Blog
<option value="http://sneakymommablogdesign.blogspot.com/2009/04/blogger-nav-bar.html"/>Blogger Nav Bar
<option value="http://sneakymommablogdesign.blogspot.com/2009/01/see-who-visits-your-blog.html"/>Blog Statistics
<option value="http://sneakymommablogdesign.blogspot.com/2009/03/centering-sidebar-images.html"/>Centering HTML Images</select>

3. I copied the entire code that I created in Word.

4. I added an HTML gadget to my sidebar and pasted the code into the big box. Then I saved it.

I suggest starting simple. Try creating a drop down menu with just a few links. Once you have successfully created a working drop down menu, then proceed to making a longer one. The fewer links you have to work with, the easier it will be to spot mistakes.

The width of your drop down menu depends upon how many characters (letters) are in your longest title. Your titles MUST NOT exceed the width of your sidebar, or else the drop down feature will not work. You may have to play around with the lengths of your titles in order to make it fit.

For more help with drop down menus, please click here to view a tutorial over at Technical Bliss.

Related Posts:
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Have you been helped by my tips? 
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I would be honored for you to link back to this post!

Please do not copy and paste my words and images into your own posts.
I work hard on my tips and and wish for everything to remain on this blog. 
Thank you for your cooperation! :)

Text and Link Colors-Beginner

This is a beginner tutorial that teaches how to change the colors of a blog using Blogger's easy to use 'fonts and colors' feature. It will also show you to where to find custom colors and how to put them on your blog.

***Disclaimer: If your blog has had some design work done to it, you may be unable to use Blogger's fonts and colors page to make changes to your blog. There is a way to make these changes within the HTML of your template and most designers prefer to make changes that way. I think it's much easier to utilize the fonts and colors tool for color changes when redesigning a blog, but that's just me. :) ***

So, let's begin!

Go to your dashboard-->layout-->fonts and colors.

Important: Be sure to PREVIEW before clicking on SAVE. Below the 'fonts and colors' choices is a preview of your blog. Make sure you like what you see before saving.

To make a color change:

1. Click on a section below page elements (refer to red arrow in image below).
2. Click on a new color from the color palettes on the right.
3. Once you select a color, scroll down to see a preview of what your blog looks like with the color change (refer to orange arrow in image below).
4. If you like what you see in the preview, click 'save'. If not, select a new color or return to the previous color. If your previous color is not there, simply click on 'clear edits'.

For example, if I wanted to make the background of my blog black instead of white, I would:

1. Click on the fonts and colors tab (dashboard-->layout-->fonts and colors).
2. Click on the box that says 'Page Background Color' (beneath the red arrow in image above)
3. Click on the color black (on the right, with all of the other colors)
4. Scroll down to see if I like the way it looks in the preview (beneath orange arrow in the above image)
5. If I like it, I will save. If I do not, I will simply select white again to revert back to my previous color or select a new one. As long as you do not click on SAVE, no changes will be made to your blog.


Don't care for the colors that Blogger offers in the color palettes?

That's where that little box labeled 'edit color hex code' (boxed in yellow above) comes in.

In that little box is a # sign and six numbers. I could really get into what each number means and all that jazz, but I think you'd rather me just get to the good stuff. What you need to know is that every color has a six digit hex code.

If you know a color's hex code, you can type it into the nifty little box, hit enter, and poof! It will change the color of the item that you have selected from the list on the left.

Well, where do you go to find those codes? There are so many people out there who LOVE working with code and such. They are more than happy to share this information with you for free, via their websites. :)

The following is a list of sites with color charts that you can use:

Google 'hex code color charts' and you'll find even more color codes! If you have made the switch to a Firefox browser, you can also use a cool program called ColorZilla to create custom colors.

Simply find the color you want to use and copy its code. Then open up your fonts and colors page, erase the characters in the box, and paste in the new code. Don't forget the # sign at the beginning!

Have fun! :)

It's Giveaway Time!

***This giveaway is now closed.***


Woooooo hooooooo! I'm hosting Sacred and Profane's Friday Freebie over at my makeover blog, Blogs by Sneaky Momma. Head on over there and enter to win a custom makeover by yours truly!

Good luck! Giveaway ends on Monday morning. Maybe I'll be working on your blog soon! :)

Adding and Moving Photos in Posts

There are several ways to add a photo to a post. In this tip, I am going to discuss how to upload pictures from your computer using Blogger's photo uploading tool, as well as show you how to move the images once you get them in your post. Click here to learn how to get pictures from the web.

To upload pics from your computer via Blogger's photo uploading tool:

1. Open a post on your 'edit posts' page or create a new one.

2. Click on the little photo icon (circled in red below).

3. Click on 'browse' and find the picture that you wish to add to your post.

4. Select the size that you would like the photo to be, as well as the alignment (left, right, center)

5. Click on 'upload'. When it is finished uploading, click on 'done'.

6. Your picture will appear at the top of your post. To move it, simply click on it and drag it to where ever you want it to be.

There is another way to move photos within a post, but it requires you to dive into the html of it. You must be cautious anytime you mess with html, as you could lose all or part of your post if you make a mistake. I would seriously consider copying the post and pasting it into a blank Word document as a backup before you begin, especially if you're not familiar with html.

To move a photo in 'edit HTML' mode:

1. While editing/composing your post, click on 'edit html'.
2. Find the code for your photo. If you used Blogger's uploading tool, it be 5-8 lines of code and will begin with <a> onblur and end with </a>, similar to the image below. My info has been blacked out. :)

3. Highlight and copy the whole code.

4. Scroll to where you would like the photo to be. Click and paste the code into the html of the post.

5. Click preview. If your photo is where you would like it, click on 'compose' and delete the extra photo by clicking on it and pressing the delete key. I would advise against erasing the HTML characters, as you do not want to risk deleting anything else. If the photo is not where you would like it to be, delete the photo and try again.

Hope this helps! :)

Spacing Within Posts

Blogger, how do I love thee? You give me a blogging home in a user-friendly environment...most of the time.

One thing that really bothered me as a beginning blogger was how I would write a post, hitting enter to put lovely spaces in between all of my paragraphs, only to hit publish and see half of them all scrunched up together.

Not cool.

I would spend the next half hour, trying to figure it all out. I would have limited success, but never knew what I had done to make the spacing look the way I wanted it to. I tried clicking on dashboard-->settings-->formatting and changing to yes or no in the 'convert line breaks' box. I just couldn't get it.

It drove me batty!

I finally figured out a solution to my problem. I started writing my posts in the Microsoft Works word processor program on my computer and pasting them into a new post. Here's how:
  1. Write your post in Microsoft Works (or Word), making sure to include the spaces in between paragraphs exactly where you would like them.

  2. Highlight and copy it (ctrl + c).

  3. Open a new post.

  4. Click on the Edit HTML tab and paste the post into it (ctrl + v).

  5. Click on 'Compose'.

  6. Add your links, color changes, and photos if desired. Click here for info on how to move photos from the top of the post.

  7. Preview. If you like what you see, click save.

  8. Voila! Spaces where they should be!
Now, I would be outright lying if I said I still wrote all of my posts this way. Since my HTML skills have improved, I can recognize a lot of the characters and what they do. By clicking on the 'edit html' tab, I can look through my post and easily identify when there is a hidden space. Then I can delete it and move along my merry way.

When I was a beginner, I did it the word processor way in order to make sure I didn't delete anything within my posts that I didn't want to. I would suggest that anyone who is intimidated by HTML to simply follow the numbered directions above for stress-free, perfectly spaced posts. :)

Using Images from the Web in Your Posts- Updated

Did you know that you can copy virtually any image off the web and post it on your blog? Not only can you do it, but it's VERY easy!

Before I show you how to do this, it's important to understand that ANY time you copy an image from another person's blog or website, you should get their permission first. Proper etiquette also implies that you should give credit to the place you found the photo by providing a link back to it. Use caution when copying images from other sites, and ALWAYS ask for permission. If you are not sure whether you can copy an image, DON'T DO IT.

For example, the cartoon above was pulled from Photobucket. Click here to check out their terms. Scroll to section 6.2

How to copy images from the web and put them in your posts:

1. Find the image you want to put in your post. Keep in mind that the image will appear as the exact same size in your post. Don't copy a thumbnail image if you're wanting something bigger and don't copy something bigger than the width of your post section.

2. Right click on the image and then click on 'Properties'.

3. Highlight the URL (web address) or location if you're on Firefox. Shortcut: Triple click on the web address and the whole thing will be highlighted.

4. With your cursor (mouse) on the highlighted web address, hit ctrl+c or right click and click on 'Copy'.

5. Open up your post to edit it.

6. Click on the 'Add Image' icon (the picture button between spell check and the filmstrip).

7. Click inside the URL box on the right, under "Or add an image from the web" (boxed in red above).

8. With your cursor within the box, hit ctrl+v or right click and click on 'Paste'.

9. Click on the orange 'Add Image' button.

10. Click 'Done'. The image should now be in your post! :)

Now that you see how easy it is to copy images from the web, I hope you realize how easy it is for others to copy your pictures. Soon I will give you a few tips on how to help prevent people from stealing YOUR photos.

*The above cartoon was resized before adding it to this post. :)

Photo Credits:
The cartoon used in this post was found on Photobucket: