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Finding HTML Within Your Template

It is so hard to find exactly which line of code you are looking for within the Edit HTML portion of your template. I stumbled upon a little shortcut.

Click on 'Edit HTML'. Hit CTRL + F. Type in a little bit of what you are looking for in the box that pops up and press enter. In the example above, I searched for a:hover. The words that you entered will show up highlighted in blue in your layout. If that is not the portion of the template that you are looking for, click on 'next' in the find box until you see it.

For some reasons, this shortcut won't work with everything, especially widgets. I've had about a 75% success rate with it. Give it a go the next you work on your blog!


Rebecca said...

I never knew that! Brilliant!

Happy Tuesday!

He And Me + 3 said...

You are so blog wise. I love it!

C.C. and Double T said...

I love CTRL + F! I use it all the time for lots of things!!!

Hey, check out the scrolling marquee box I put on the right side of my blog with all our Milestones. The list was getting way too long and taking up way too much space, so I figured out how to code this! :-) It took a while, but well worth it.

-stephanie- said...

I'm sure it's a great tip, but I'll have to read it a few times before I get what you are talking about. I don't have much blog sense. :o)

Cheryl said...

Gotta love that. I'm not too computer savvy so any shortcut is WONDERFUL!

Mama SeWELL said...

Love the support! While everyone is asleep her I sit like a "computer geek". Too funny!
Im so glad you dont hafta worry about your hubby & the teeth brushing, whew!
Thanks again!

Elaine said...

You are getting good. Great tip.