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Downloading Your Template

The very first thing you want to do anytime you decide to play around with the HTML of your blog is to download a copy of your current template. Doing this will ensure that if you do, in fact, mess up your template by making a wrong move, that you will be able to restore most of it. Unfortunately, most gadgets (the things in your sidebars) will be gone, but your fonts and colors, borders, and such will still be there.

Here's how to download your template. Go to Customize-->Edit HTML. Click on 'Download Full Template'. Hit SAVE. Choose where you want to save it to and rename it if you wish. Check to see if the downloaded template actually made it to its destination. If it did, you're set and ready to go!

If you have a lot of gadgets in your sidebar that you would sorely miss if something happened to your template, you may consider backing them up as well. Remember, downloading your template will save a copy of the design of your blog, but will not save ALL of your widgets, sidebar items, or header.

Easy way to back up the items in your sidebar:
Go to your blog's layout page. Click on edit for each gadget. Copy and paste the codes into a Word or Notepad document. If it is a picture/image, make sure you have one saved on your computer.

Easy way to backup your header:
View your blog. Right click on your header. Click on "Save Image As". Save.

Downloading your template is fast and easy. Just do it already! :)

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