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Removing the Border Around Your Header

Wow! Thank you! I'm very excited about going home tonight and fixing my header with those tips...I want it to be a bit bigger and I want to get rid of that box around mine! Thanks so much :) Sparkette

I cant wait to read the tutorial on how to remove the line around it [my header] because I can't get a color that matches my background! :( Danita

The thin little border that comes standard around a minima template header drove me crazy until I learned how to get rid of it. Luckily, it's a fairly simple process.

Here’s how to delete any border, HTML style: As always, download a copy of your current template before attempting to change it. Then, go to the portion of your code where the offending border is. Find the border code. It will look something like this:

border:1px solid $bordercolor;

Change the number of px to 0 or delete the entire line of code.

These are the steps I took to remove the standard minima template border from around my header:

I found my header section of code (near the top: /* Header).
I deleted the border code in two places (circled in red above.)

Then I previewed, liked what I saw and then saved.

It would have worked just as well if I would have changed the number before px to 0 in both places instead of removing the lines.

If working with HTML scares you a bit, you can always hide your header border by going to fonts and colors and changing the color hex code to match the same color as your background. Your border will still be there, but it will be camouflaged. This only works on solid colored backgrounds, though. Having trouble finding the exact shade of your background? Click here to download a free color picker. It will give you the six digit code for virtually any color out there.


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Ahh, thanks for the tip. I am always digging around in the HTML code to find what I want to delete!

Mama SeWELL said...

Thats been happening to me when I try to comment. I hit the reload button & a new one would appear it didnt loose my comment either.
Thanks for another great tip!

Sparkette said...

I couldn't leave comments all night last night! I was bummed :(

Thanks for the tip...like you said though now I am getting super blog makeover. But I will use it for my sister as I am trying to work on her page.

You're the best :)

Tim said...

Jill, I just love your tips and tricks. I could have really used this one before I had my blog makeover done. I hated the way my header didnt quite fit the border behind it.

As for the verification thing, I have had it on several blogs I have tried to leave comments on. It just says nothing or it continues to say loading. I dont get why blogger is having so mnay problems lately.

Love and Prayers,


Beth in NC said...

I have had that trouble too! I have written several comments, just to find out I can't leave them. :o( I went to my settings and removed the word verification -- just in case someone is having problems with mine too.

Rebecca said...

I've been having some problems with blogs that have word verification too - I'm glad it isn't just me!

Another excellent tip for changing code! You ROCK!

Happy Tuesday!

He And Me + 3 said...

Yes, I have been having trouble commenting too. Ugh.
Great tip...when I go back to my old template, I will have to give this one a try.

Annie (Cookbook Give Away this week!) said...

Great tip. I have a different WP theme but I need to learn all I can. I love a successful little hack; makes me feel like a computer guru, even though I'm very much not.

My only trouble with the word-veri comments is simply I can't always distinguish the letters. Does this mean I'm getting old?

Courtney and the Boys said...

You're the best, sister! I love all of your tips!

I despise word verification. What's the point, anyway? I've had the same problem...I simply hit the "publish comment" button, and it refreshes the comment box with something dumb to type in the box. :)


Lori said...


Courtney, from Courtney and the Boys sent me.

I have been trying to figure out how to do this for months...and it turns out to be SO simple.

Thanks so much!

AMY said...

hey thanks for that tip...you rock!!! I have always tried to figure that out and never could. So thanks!! You are such a blog queen...there I just gave you an award:) hugs

pam said...

That is the exact problem I had yesterday on several blogs, including Sneaky Daddy's.

I disabled the word verification on mine.

Kristen said...

I have been having a difficult time with ver too. I used to make up a word, then it would give me a new word that I could see. Not aymore though. Too bad. Love your tips...

Danita said...

Thank you so much! I have offically gotten rid of the border!

Mama SeWELL said...

Im having difficulties with scrapblog. When I export my jpeg file I created my computer doesnt seem to support the file?? Ive tried opening in diff. programs no luck.....any ideas?

Stephanie said...

I saw last night that I couldn't leave comments on several blogs. Glad I wasn't the only one having the problem...I was starting to think it was my computer or something.

Jenners said...

I've been hearing that other people are having the same commenting problems. ..there have been some kind of snafus going on re: Blogger for the last few days I guess!

Thanks for another great tip!

Michele said...

You are awesome!!! Thanks so much for this great tip! I've been wondering how to do it.

Foursons said...

OMG- thank you thank you thank you thank you!

amieandmichael said...