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It's Giveaway Time!!!

***This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who participated! :)
It's high time for the first Sneaky Momma Blog Design giveaway!

The winner will get their choice of ONE of the following:

  • Three column template conversion w/page element backup and restoration- not a full makeover, but I would be more than happy to install a free background from The Cutest Blog On The Block.

  • or

  • An awards slideshow made at Slide.com

  • or


  • A photo button and HTML scrollbox

Here's how to enter:

*Leave a comment on this post telling me what you would choose if you won (required-worth 1 entry). Not that it matters. I'm simply curious!

You can increase your chances of winning by:

Sneaky Momma Blog Design

*Grabbing the button for THIS blog and posting it in the sidebar of your own blog (leave a separate comment telling me you did this or reminding me that this button is already on your blog-worth 1 additional entry). Click here for instructions on how to install a button on your blog.

*Writing a post in which you link back to this blog, letting your readers know of this giveaway (leave a separate comment telling me that you did this-worth 1 additional entry). Click here for instructions on how to link to another blog within your post.

*Becoming a follower of this blog. If you are already a follower, that counts, too. :) (leave a separate comment telling me this, regardless of whether you are a new follower or an existing follower-worth 1 additional entry)

*Tweeting about this giveaway and linking back to this blog. And, of course, leave a separate comment.

For all of your entries to count, each one must be submitted as a separate comment. Each comment will be assigned a number (a raffle ticket, if you will). You have the opportunity to be entered five times. To keep it fair, extra comments that are not entries will be deleted before the winner is selected by a random sequence generator.

This giveaway will end at 11:59PM CST on Sunday, March 22. A winner will be announced Monday morning.

Good luck! Can't wait to find out whose blog I will be working on soon!

***If for some reason you are unable to leave comments, please email me at sneakymomma@att.net with a list of your entries.


Jenilee said...

I could use some help in any of those areas! Advice is always good! thanks!

Kaleena said...

This give away is a great idea, and very generous of you! I would enter and choose a slide for awards, but it would be a waste because I only have 2 awards! LOL!!! I already have a button (2 actually-THANKS!!!), and my blog is already 3 columns!

Kaleena said...

I added your blog design button to my blog!!!!

Kaleena said...

I follow you on Twitter!!!!

CornFedMama said...

i love the new sneaky sneaky photo button! :)

Ashley said...

I would choose the phot button! I love your idea!! All your tips are great!!

Ashley said...

I have made a shout on my blog about using your 3 column templete directions.

Ashley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley said...

I have you blog button on my side bar!!

amieandmichael said...

Hey, I have been reading pages and pages of your blog and improving mine along the way. feel free to check it out. amieandmichaelmendenhall.blogspot.com