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Sidebar Titles

Sidebar titles are the titles that go above your sidebar items (about me, followers, blog archives, etc.) There are basically two choices when it comes to sidebar titles:
  • Standard titles (no charge)
  • Custom titles w/cute font and/or images
Standard titles are the ones that you already have on your blog. You will easily be able to make changes to standard titles once I am finished with your makeover, just as you did before.

I can create a set of 12 custom sidebar titles for your blog for $15 ($1 each additional title when placed with initial order). All titles will bear the same image and font to create a sense of continuity throughout your blog. These titles are created using a program on my computer and therefore can only be modified by me. I can make changes to and/or create additional sidebar titles once the order is finished for $1.50 each ($5 minimum order each time).