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Navigation (Menu) Bars

A navigation (menu) bar is a row of links between the header and the rest of your blog. All of my navigation bars are centered directly below the header.

There are two options when it comes to navigation bars:
  • text only ($10)
  • cute font and/or images ($20)
A text only navigation bar will have the same font as your posts.

In order to use a cute font, the tabs (words below the header) must be created as images. I like to use fonts by Kevin and Amanda in my designs. The navigation bar on this blog contains a cute font and little flower image, which would make it a $20 nav bar.

You will need to provide the links for the tabs. Most people choose to create backdated posts or pages for me to link to when I load their new look. I can link directly to an email address from a contact tab as well as link to a particular label on your blog. For more information about how to create links for a nav bar, click here.

Click here for an example of a blog with a text only navigation bar.

Click here to see an example of a navigation bar with images.