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Adding and Moving Photos in Posts

There are several ways to add a photo to a post. In this tip, I am going to discuss how to upload pictures from your computer using Blogger's photo uploading tool, as well as show you how to move the images once you get them in your post. Click here to learn how to get pictures from the web.

To upload pics from your computer via Blogger's photo uploading tool:

1. Open a post on your 'edit posts' page or create a new one.

2. Click on the little photo icon (circled in red below).

3. Click on 'browse' and find the picture that you wish to add to your post.

4. Select the size that you would like the photo to be, as well as the alignment (left, right, center)

5. Click on 'upload'. When it is finished uploading, click on 'done'.

6. Your picture will appear at the top of your post. To move it, simply click on it and drag it to where ever you want it to be.

There is another way to move photos within a post, but it requires you to dive into the html of it. You must be cautious anytime you mess with html, as you could lose all or part of your post if you make a mistake. I would seriously consider copying the post and pasting it into a blank Word document as a backup before you begin, especially if you're not familiar with html.

To move a photo in 'edit HTML' mode:

1. While editing/composing your post, click on 'edit html'.
2. Find the code for your photo. If you used Blogger's uploading tool, it be 5-8 lines of code and will begin with <a> onblur and end with </a>, similar to the image below. My info has been blacked out. :)

3. Highlight and copy the whole code.

4. Scroll to where you would like the photo to be. Click and paste the code into the html of the post.

5. Click preview. If your photo is where you would like it, click on 'compose' and delete the extra photo by clicking on it and pressing the delete key. I would advise against erasing the HTML characters, as you do not want to risk deleting anything else. If the photo is not where you would like it to be, delete the photo and try again.

Hope this helps! :)

Spacing Within Posts

Blogger, how do I love thee? You give me a blogging home in a user-friendly environment...most of the time.

One thing that really bothered me as a beginning blogger was how I would write a post, hitting enter to put lovely spaces in between all of my paragraphs, only to hit publish and see half of them all scrunched up together.

Not cool.

I would spend the next half hour, trying to figure it all out. I would have limited success, but never knew what I had done to make the spacing look the way I wanted it to. I tried clicking on dashboard-->settings-->formatting and changing to yes or no in the 'convert line breaks' box. I just couldn't get it.

It drove me batty!

I finally figured out a solution to my problem. I started writing my posts in the Microsoft Works word processor program on my computer and pasting them into a new post. Here's how:
  1. Write your post in Microsoft Works (or Word), making sure to include the spaces in between paragraphs exactly where you would like them.

  2. Highlight and copy it (ctrl + c).

  3. Open a new post.

  4. Click on the Edit HTML tab and paste the post into it (ctrl + v).

  5. Click on 'Compose'.

  6. Add your links, color changes, and photos if desired. Click here for info on how to move photos from the top of the post.

  7. Preview. If you like what you see, click save.

  8. Voila! Spaces where they should be!
Now, I would be outright lying if I said I still wrote all of my posts this way. Since my HTML skills have improved, I can recognize a lot of the characters and what they do. By clicking on the 'edit html' tab, I can look through my post and easily identify when there is a hidden space. Then I can delete it and move along my merry way.

When I was a beginner, I did it the word processor way in order to make sure I didn't delete anything within my posts that I didn't want to. I would suggest that anyone who is intimidated by HTML to simply follow the numbered directions above for stress-free, perfectly spaced posts. :)

Using Images from the Web in Your Posts- Updated

Did you know that you can copy virtually any image off the web and post it on your blog? Not only can you do it, but it's VERY easy!

Before I show you how to do this, it's important to understand that ANY time you copy an image from another person's blog or website, you should get their permission first. Proper etiquette also implies that you should give credit to the place you found the photo by providing a link back to it. Use caution when copying images from other sites, and ALWAYS ask for permission. If you are not sure whether you can copy an image, DON'T DO IT.

For example, the cartoon above was pulled from Photobucket. Click here to check out their terms. Scroll to section 6.2

How to copy images from the web and put them in your posts:

1. Find the image you want to put in your post. Keep in mind that the image will appear as the exact same size in your post. Don't copy a thumbnail image if you're wanting something bigger and don't copy something bigger than the width of your post section.

2. Right click on the image and then click on 'Properties'.

3. Highlight the URL (web address) or location if you're on Firefox. Shortcut: Triple click on the web address and the whole thing will be highlighted.

4. With your cursor (mouse) on the highlighted web address, hit ctrl+c or right click and click on 'Copy'.

5. Open up your post to edit it.

6. Click on the 'Add Image' icon (the picture button between spell check and the filmstrip).

7. Click inside the URL box on the right, under "Or add an image from the web" (boxed in red above).

8. With your cursor within the box, hit ctrl+v or right click and click on 'Paste'.

9. Click on the orange 'Add Image' button.

10. Click 'Done'. The image should now be in your post! :)

Now that you see how easy it is to copy images from the web, I hope you realize how easy it is for others to copy your pictures. Soon I will give you a few tips on how to help prevent people from stealing YOUR photos.

*The above cartoon was resized before adding it to this post. :)

Photo Credits:
The cartoon used in this post was found on Photobucket:

Great Resource for Bloggers

Ever want to give your blog a facelift, but do not want to spend hours hunting for links to explore your options? Perhaps you'd like to hire someone to give you a *custom makeover, or maybe you'd like to decorate your blog with a free background or template.

Amanda over at Beautiful Blog Designs has complied all sorts of links and resources for bloggers looking to improve their blogs, including long link lists to:
  • blog designers (including some who will do a makeover for free!)
  • tutorials
  • free backgrounds
  • free templates
  • and other extras, such as buttons
Amanda also includes links to blog improvement giveaways in her sidebar. Score!!!!

Pop on over to Beautiful Blog Designs and check it out! You'll be glad you did!

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Posting Bigger Images

Ever want to include larger photos in your posts than Blogger's uploading tool allows?

In this tutorial, I will show you how to put larger images into your posts. The picture above of me in my wedding dress was loaded on the large setting via Blogger's uploading tool. We will make it look like this:

No template tweaking required, though you will have to dive into the HTML of your post. As always, when you're working with HTML, use caution not to add or delete any characters other than the ones you intend to change.

How to enlarge images for your blog posts:

1. Load the image as a 640x480 image to Photobucket- it's free! You could use any image hosting website, but the instructions and images below were made with using Photobucket, which is what I am most familiar with.

2. Copy (ctrl+ c) the image's HTML code (highlighted in blue above). You may need to hover below the image to make it appear.

3. Open/create your post and click on 'edit html'.

4. Paste (ctrl + v) the HTML code of your image into your post where you would like the image to appear. I have underlined the HTML code of my wedding photo in red so that you can find it easily. Notice how I centered the image (underlined in blue).

5. Preview. If you like it, save. If not, you'll need to resize the image in Photobucket. To make the image larger, you will need to upload it as something bigger than 640 x 480. To make it smaller, click on 'edit' above the image to use PB's resize tool. Just be sure to check the 'constrain porportions' box.

****A word of caution: If you wish to delete your photo from your post, make sure to do so by clicking on 'compose', clicking on the photo, and hitting delete. I would not recommend erasing the characters in 'edit HTML' mode, as you may accidentally erase the wrong characters and risk losing all or part of your post.