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It's Giveaway Time!

***This giveaway is now closed.***


Woooooo hooooooo! I'm hosting Sacred and Profane's Friday Freebie over at my makeover blog, Blogs by Sneaky Momma. Head on over there and enter to win a custom makeover by yours truly!

Good luck! Giveaway ends on Monday morning. Maybe I'll be working on your blog soon! :)


Elaine at Matters of the Heart) said...

Yeah I'm going to go enter. Maybe I will win if not we will probably be a go for mine in September.

Leslie said...

You are so cool to do this for others. Thanks for your time, passion and effort. You are very talented and giving. :)

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Thanks for your great advice, I was referred here by a nice commenter but it was over a week ago so I forgot who, lol!

I was wondering if you have advice on how I can add nav buttons under my header without looking sloppy? I tried the link list under add a gadget and it looked terrible! I also need to remove the separators btwn posts and replace it with an image. Any advice would be warmly received!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Hey Jill - I left you an award on my blog.

Drahdrah said...

I just wanted to tell you that your tutorials are wonderful. I created my button, and then used your tutorial to do the grab box. AND IT WORKS !!! THANK YOU !