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* I am not accepting orders from new customers at this time.*

Click on image above to view an example of a basic makeover!

I offer one basic package with add-on options (odds and ends). I also allow customers to order blog parts individually, no package purchase required. Check out my portfolio to see what I can do!

My makeover package is $35 (excluding cost of design kit/images). This price includes:
You may add to the makeover package by selecting items below. Add two or more add ons to your makeover package and receive a 10% discount off your entire order! This discount does not apply to design kits/images.

Don't need a full makeover? You can fashion your own makeover by choosing individual items from below and/or my odds and ends menu. Want to add something to your order that is not listed? Contact me with details of what you want to do and I’ll let you know if I can help!

Signature- $5
*Post separator- $5
Text only navigation bar- $10
3 column layout- $15 (2 sidebars - 1 on each side of post section or 2 same side)
*Button w/grab box- $15
*Sidebar titles w/cute font and/or images (set of 12-same style)- $15
*Framed/matted sidebar photos (set of four) - $15 ($4 each additional photo)
*Etsy banner and avatar- $20
*Navigation bar w/cute font and/or images- $20

*These items may require the purchase of a design kit/images.

My layouts are based upon the basic Minima template. If you order a makeover or layout change, please note that it will look like the blogs in my portfolio.

Portfolio: 3 column layout
Portfolio: 2 column wide layout

Have a question? Click here to email me directly or here for my email address!