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Announcements- An Alternative to Sticky Posts

I must admit, I'm not a big fan of sticky posts. I would rather make a short announcement for my readers to see instead.

You may wish to create an announcement that links to a giveaway that you are having or to relay some other important information that you really would like for your readers to see.

To create an announcement above your posts:

1. Go to your page elements page. (dashboard-->layout-->page elements)

2. Click on 'add a gadget' above the 'blog posts' section. If there is not an 'add a gadget' option in this area, then click on the one under your header or above your sidebar.

3. Scroll down and click on 'Text'.

4. Write your announcement in the big box, adding a link if you'd like. You can modify the color and bold or italicize the text to your liking. If you wish to center your announcement, you can do so by clicking on 'edit html' in the right corner and adding <center> before the text and </center> after it.

5. Save.

6. If you were not able to add a gadget above Blog Posts, you will need to click and drag your new text gadget so that it rests above this section. See example below:

Enjoy your announcement!

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Sharon said...

terrific idea! I'm with you, much nicer than a sticky post.

thanks, as always, for sharing your tips and tutorials! keep up the GREAT work!

Mari said...

That's a great tip! I like that better than a sticky post too.

prerna said...

Yup.. You're right.. Much better than a sticky post.. Thanks for showing us how!!

Emmy said...

Cool I didn't realize you could do that. Thanks!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Kudos kudos! Love this tip!! You're my total hero once again!


Meadows said...

I didn't know you could drag your gadgets to above your posts like that. Awesome!! Thanks so much for the tip.


Nativa said...

Wow, like Meadows, I did not know I could drag the gadget from one section to another section. Awesome!!!! Another great tip and I am implementing it right now. Thanks Sneaky!!!!

Daniel Ray said...
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Desi said...

This is so cool... didn't know I could do this! One question, am I able to customize it a bit more? I saw where I was able to make it bold and a different color, but am I able to customize the font? I am wanting to make an announcement at the top of my page that says to like my facebook page... but I want it in prettier font :) Any help?