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Numbered Comments- Advanced

Do you host giveaways on your blog? Ever get frustrated as you try to figure out exactly which of your readers left the 55th (or whatever) comment on your giveaway post????

I recently stumbled upon simple instructions for how to number comments on Blogger. This advanced tip requires that you dive into the HTML of your template, so make sure you try it on a practice blog first, and at the very least, download a copy of your CURRENT template.

Head over to tech tnt and check it out!

Be warned: This tip does not allow you to customize color, size, etc, but it will give you a small number for each comment up to 200. Once you reach 200, it will start over. Basically, comment #201 will become #1. So, you'll have two #1's, but they are still in order. Comment 214 will be 14 and so on and so on. I didn't find it too difficult to figure out. :)

I've heard that some people have trouble with this tip if they have their comments enabled to show profile pics beside the comments. If you have trouble, I would just turn the photos off and try again.

Even with a few glitches, I think this is sooooooo much better than counting and recounting all of those comments!!!!

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prerna said...

Oh.. How nice.. While I don't host giveaways, I like seeing numbered comments, obsessive organizer me:-)Thanks for sharing..

Robyn said...

That is so cool but I'm afraid to mess up my pretty blog some how...........LOL

Emmy said...

Ah, I bet that is why it didn't work for me last time, as I do have people's pics... might have to try again

Traci said...

Hi Sneaky Momma. I was directed your way by Unknown Mami as I am new to blogging. Your ideas have gone a long way to personalize my blog (38andtraci.blogspot.com). Thank you!!!! I will definitely be back to grow some more.

Your site is a godsend to new bloggers!

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

Thank you! I just tried this and it worked wonders!

Tiffany said...

Thanks for all the help you're providing

magda said...

Since I suffer from HTML phobia and experience little time uninterrupted, I will consider it a blessing that I lack the need for comment counter(currently).

Annika said...

Ha! It worked!