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A Bit of Housekeeping...

As much as I loved my old look, it was time for a change!

If you have tried to leave me a comment lately, you'll have noticed my new comment system. I have decided to try Disqus, mainly because I think it will help you guys more if you are able to see my replies to questions that other bloggers have had. We'll see how it goes....

Leaving a comment on this blog is different than leaving a comment on most blogs, but it is a fairly painless process. Once you click on 'comments' or 'view comments' you can choose to create an account or to leave a comment as a guest. Simply write whatever it is that you'd like to say and then fill in your info. Rather than answering questions via email, I will now be answering them in the comments section. If you ask me a question, be sure that there is a little green check mark next to 'subscribe to all comments' so that you will know when I respond.

I also added a handful of nifty links below my header which will hopefully be helpful to you:

Click on 'About' to learn more about how this blog was born and how on earth I got a name like Sneaky Momma. :)

Check out my 'Help Me!' section to see what kind of services I offer, both simple (i.e. free!) and on a larger scale. I offer troubleshooting services at a very low rate. I can also help you build your blog and/or give your blog a custom makeover.

I am excited to share with you the links to all of my favorite blog help sites. These are the very same sites that have helped me in the past. Perhaps they'll help you, too!

If you are interested in advertising your family-friendly blog or business in my sidebar, feel free to check out my amazingly low monthly rates. I would love to help bring traffic your way!

I added a pretty little pink and white grab button in my right sidebar. A SUPER big thank you to all of you who have put my button on your blog or who have written a post about my tips. I sure do appreciate it! All of my older buttons still work, just in case you are wondering. :)

A new tip is coming soon, one that has been requested quite a bit lately. I am also going to be working on a series of beginner tips. If there is something that you have been embarrassed to ask, please do so. I would love to walk you through the basics. I guarantee you that someone else needs help in the same areas that you do, too!

Like my tips? Want to share them with your readers? I would LOVE for you to do so by grabbing my button and displaying it on your blog or by writing a post about my tips. Please do not copy and paste my tips into a post on your own blog. Thanks so much for spreading the word. I REALLY appreciate it!