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Falling Snow For Your Blog!- Beginner

I stumbled upon a really easy way to put falling snow on your blog. It works best on dark backgrounds, as the snow (tiny, flurrying white dots) is white. Check out Kurt Grigg's tutorial over at Dynamic Drive. The tutorial is easy to follow, but requires that you dive into the HTML of your template to do so.

Of course, being my sneaky self, I simplified the process a bit to make it easy enough for beginners. Here's whatcha do:

1. Go to your blog's 'Page Elements' page. (dashboard-->layout-->page elements)

2. Select 'add a gadget' in your sidebar.

3. Choose 'HTML/Javascript'.

4. Copy the code in purple below and paste it into the'HTML/Javascript' box:

<script src="http://snow-effect.googlecode.com/files/snow.js" type="text/javascript">


* Snow Effect without images-by Kurt Grigg at http://www.btinternet.com/~kurt.grigg/javascript
* Script featured & available at Dynamic Drive at http://www.dynamicdrive.com/
* Please keep this notice intact


5. Save.

Simply delete the gadget when you no longer want snow to fall on your blog!

Having trouble? Sue over at Saving Your Hard Earned Money discovered that it took a long time for her snow to appear once she installed the gadget on her blog. If snow doesn't appear on your blog right away, leave the gadget for a day or two and see if it starts. You can also try moving the gadget higher in your sidebar. Make sure that the gadget is above the background code (if you have one). :)

Enjoy your snow! If you live anywhere near me, it may be the only snow you see this year!

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Karen said...

Hello. I added snow to my blog and for some reason, the slider at the bottom of my blog is going crazy, getting bigger and smaller and flashing. I don't know how else to describe it. It made my blog really wide, so you can slide over and nothing is there. I removed it for now, but do you have any suggestions or reasons it may be doing this?
I'm at journalista-karen.blogspot.com.

Thanks for the tips!

Sue said...

Thanks again for all you do! I am adding snow again this year! :)

Deborah said...

Love looking around your site, Jill!! I'm learning lots! I love the snow, any time of year, and wondered how to put it on my site, but I'm having the same trouble with it as Karen in the first comment, above, had!! :( Followed all the directions carefully, and there appears a scroll bar along the bottom, that usually isn't there, and it's acting quite erratically, disappearing, and reappearing, and moving back and forth ... and still, no snow! :( I am using a Mac, and wondered if that makes any difference(?). Probably not, but maybe it's my ISP ... yes, I'm the one you helped a couple of days ago with the fact that when on Firefox, it doesn't show in the upper right hand corner, that I'm signed in on my blog page, but I am showing up on the dashboard, etc.. Just not able to edit directly from my front blog page anymore. Wanted to thank you for your reply ... unfortunately, it's still the same, but at least I can edit, etc., from the dashboard. I do hope Blogger replies to my question on this, and it gets fixed, for both of us, soon! At least it's not just me that it's happening to, so if you hear of a fix anytime, please do let me know, or all of us, just in case others are having the same issue!

Thanks again, so very much for your help, and for all that you offer here on your site! I have your blog button on my page, to share your site, and I'm going to 'Pin' you, as well! Have a beautiful day, Jill!!

~ Deborah