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Image Protection: Watermarks

A watermark is an image or text that you place on top of your photo. It makes your photos safer by making them undesirable. Who wants to steal an image with stuff on top of it?

Watermarks are easy to make, but can be time consuming. You will need to put a watermark on each and every photo that you'd like to protect. If you use a program like Paint, you will need to create a new watermark for each photo. If you use a program like Photoshop, you can save the watermark and use it over and over again.

I use simple opaque watermarks that I create in Paint for the vast majority of the teaching images on this blog. I do this at the same time I'm in there resizing my image (hint, hint). I choose to use my blog's URL as a watermark so that if someone does take it and post it on their blog (GRRRRRRR), perhaps I'll at least get free advertising out of the deal. :)

Back when I had a personal blog, I chose a cute font for my watermark. It simply said "Sneaky Momma" and was as transparent as I could make it. I created this watermark on Photoshop Elements 7 (PSE7). I will show you how I did this in the tutorial below.

I highly recommend saving a copy of your photo before putting a watermark on it. You cannot take a watermark off of a .JPEG or .PNG image, so make sure you save clean copies for other projects.


How I create watermarks in Photoshop Elements 7:


1. Open an image that has been resized and is ready to be uploaded to your blog.

2. Select the text tool:

3. *Click and drag on your photo to create a text box. Choose a font and type in the text that you’d like to use for your watermark. Hint: To type in a copyright symbol, use the windows shortcut Alt+0169.

4. Highlight the text. Go up to the top of your screen and click on the colored square. Type in #808080. Click on OK.

5. Click on the text layer in your layers palette. Click on the drop down menu beside Opacity. Adjust the transparency of the text to the level that you desire. The watermark in the photo at the top of this post has an opacity of 40%.

6. Save your beautifully watermarked image. Save the watermark layer as a separate .PSD file to use over and over again. You may have to resize it to use on other photos.

*For ultimate image protection, you really need to place the watermark where someone would have a hard time editing it out. The best watermarks are placed in the center of the action. The problem with this is that putting the watermark in the center of a photo can be an eyesore. Transparency and placement are the keys to a successful watermark. You just have to play around with it a bit and find what works for you.

If you want to create a more advanced watermark using Photoshop Elements, click here to check out this awesome tutorial.

Click below for more watermark tutorials:

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As I've mentioned before, no photo is 100% safe from piracy. If someone wants a photo that has been posted on your blog, they can get to it, regardless of how many safeguards that you put in place to try to protect it. Putting a watermarked image on a resized photo is the best way that I know how to protect images on the internet.

How do you protect your images? Care to share? :)

It absolutely makes my day when this blog is linked to and mentioned in a post on another blog. I love seeing my buttons on other blogs and get downright giddy when I see Sneaky Momma Blog Design on a blog list. BIG thanks to all of you who have helped spread the word about my tips!

Please do not copy and paste my tips and images into your own posts. I work hard on my posts and would like for them to remain on this blog. Thank you for your cooperation. :)


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Seow wei said...

Thanks for sharing this great tips, may be I will try to use gimp to create my watermarks.