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Get a Free Blog

I have had several requests lately from people who would like a blog, but do not know how to get one. This tip will show you how you can get a free Blogger blog. It's quick and easy. :)

How to get a free Blogger blog:

1. Go to http://blogger.com/home. Click on the orange 'CREATE A BLOG' button. If you already have a Google account, sign in and click on 'create a blog' (in blue on your dashboard).

2. Create a Google Account if you have not already done so. Click 'Continue'.

3. Create a name for your blog, then create a URL (web address). You will probably go through several different possibilities before you find a URL that is available.

4. Select a template. There are several different templates to choose from. My tips are based upon a Minima template. If you have hired me to give your blog a makeover, please select a Minima template. You can easily change your template later.

5. Wooooo hooooo! Click on 'Start Blogging'.

6. You will be sent to a page where you can write a post. If you choose not to write a post at this time, you can click on 'View Blog' to see what your basic blog looks like.

Welcome to the Blogging World! :)

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