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Odds and Ends

*I am only accepting orders from existing customers right now.
I hope to start taking new orders again in November.*

Don't need a full makeover? Want to order individual blog components? I can work with your existing design to achieve the look that you're going for. Order two or more odds and ends and take 10% off your order! This discount does not apply to design kits/images.

Click on most items below for an example or for more details.

*Wallpaper - $5 (included in makeover package)
Signature- $5
*Post separator- $5
Text only navigation bar (same font as post text)- $10
2 column wide conversion (included in makeover package)- $10
3 column conversion- $15 (2 sidebars - 1 on each side of post section or 2 same side)
*Button w/grab box- $15
*Sidebar titles w/cute font and/or images (set of 12-same style)- $15
*Framed/matted sidebar photos (set of four) - $15 ($4 each additional photo)
*Etsy banner and avatar- $20
*Navigation bar w/cute font and/or images- $20
*Header- $25 (included in makeover package)

*These items may require the purchase of a design kit/images. Commercial orders will incur a 25% fee and will be limited to istock images and design kits by Heather Ann Designs.

My layouts are based upon the basic Minima template. If you order a makeover or layout change, please note that it will look like the blogs in my portfolio.

Portfolio: 3 column layout
Portfolio: 2 column wide layout

Have a question? Click here to email me directly or here for my email address!