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Improve Blog Loading Time

Having a blog that loads slower than Christmas is a sure way to repel readers. No one (not even your mother) wants to wait fifteen seconds to read what you have to say.

Not too long ago, I discovered Pingdom's free full page test tool. Check it out! It shows you exactly how long it takes your blog to load for others. Using your own computer to judge load time is inaccurate, but Pingdom does this for you from an external source.

To see how fast your blog loads:
1. Click here to go to the Pingdom free full page test tool.
2. Enter in the URL (web address) of your blog.
3. Click on 'Test Now'. I recommend also checking the 'save test' box.
4. In a few seconds (hopefully) your test will be finished and you can see specifically what is slowing your blog down.

Here's what my recent test results looked like (for another blog, not this one):

See those blue/green/yellow lines? They show how fast each gadget on your page is loading. The longer the line, the longer it takes to load. You can see in the photo above that the background of this particular blog (red arrow) takes the longest amount of time to load, followed by the header (blue arrow). All in all, it took this blog 3.6 seconds to load (circled in orange at bottom), which is pretty fast. If I wanted it to load faster, I could make changes to the header in order to make it less bulky and remove the wallpaper in the background.

There are other ways to improve the loading time of your blog. I will share these with you in future tips. :)


Amy said...

Thanks for the specific tip! I just tested my site and found that it was also just over 3 seconds...I guess I'll be happy with that if you are =)