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Navigation Bar w/Images- Advanced

The Girl Creative

Several people have asked me how I created the navigation bar (sometimes called a menu bar) with the cute font and flowers below my header. I have been meaning to share this tip for awhile now, but have not been able to devote a few hours to detail each and every step of the process. Fortunately, The Girl Creative has written an easy-to-understand tip on how to get a menu/navigation bar with images. I just had to share!

This particular tip is ADVANCED, as it requires that you make changes to the HTML of your template. I highly recommend doing this on a practice blog first. Before changing anything on your real blog, be sure to download a copy of your template. Proceed with caution and read through the directions very slowly so that you do not miss anything. If you mess up, try, try again. You can do this!

Click here to check it out! :)


Velma said...

Hello there!  I found your blog about a week or so ago, quite by accident.  I was doing a Google search for some blog design tips. :)  What I was looking for was help in creating a custom navigation bar.  With your tips and the one from The Creative Girl, I got it done!!! Woohoo :)  But I'm wanting to put each of my "tabs" closer together and am stumped as how to do that.  Can you tell me how to do this?

By the way, I've been reading thru your tips and they are SO easy to follow...most of them I had already implemented but there are several that I am going to try.  Thank you so much for your easy to follow steps with pictures.  It's makes it much easier to figure out! 


sneakymomma said...

Hi Velma! Glad you've been helped by my tips!
The only way that I know how to get tabs closer together is by cropping your images so that hardly any excess remains on either side. Once uploaded, I use   for each space that I want in between the tabs. Hope this helps!