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I have a ton of things that I need to share with you all! Some of it is information that you have heard before, other things are brand new. Here goes!


I love helping others, but have found it impossible to keep up with all of the requests that I receive for free blog help. If would like for me to help you with your blog, here's what you need to do:

* Find a related tip and read through the comments section. Also, check out the comments left in my Help Me! post. I answer all blog help questions with reply comments so that many can benefit from my answers. Very often you will find exactly what you're looking for down there. I sometimes think that my comments section is far more informative than my posts!

* Leave a comment on any of my posts, preferable one that is related to the topic that you are needing help with. Make sure to check the 'subscribe to all comments by email' box. If you have left a question, I will respond in a reply comment within a few days or so. Once you have seen my reply, you can easily unsubscribe to future comments left on that post by following the directions in the email. When leaving a comment, please include a link to the URL (web address) of your blog.

* If you need technical help and wish for me to actually go in and fix something on your blog, please send me a detailed email describing the problem along with your url and I will send you a quote. I charge a very low $10/hour (1 hour minimum) to diagnose and fix problems. Most problems can be resolved within an hour. Please note that I do not respond to questions for free help via email, as I would literally be on the computer all day. If you want free help, please leave a comment on my blog and I will respond in a reply comment.

* If you'd like to order a custom makeover, click here to visit my makeover blog. I offer makeovers from $35-$100 and can create individual blog components, no makeover purchase required.


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Do you host a feature (meme) on your blog that encourages your readers to write a post on their blog and link up to yours via Mr. Linky or MckLinky or the like? I will be including a list of blogs with features like these in an upcoming post on the benefits of participation and would love to include yours! If you would like for your meme to be listed, please let me know by leaving the name of your meme and url to your blog in the comments section below.


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Need help with all of the recent changes to Blogger? I have written a few tips that you may find helpful:

About the New Templates and Finding your Page Elements page
Changing the Fonts and Colors on Your Current Template
HTML Gadget Title Issues
Finding the Older Templates


When leaving a comment, please include the url (web address) of your blog. The one thing that absolutely drives me crazy about using Disqus is that it does not automatically give me the url of the commenter's profile like the Blogger system does. I enjoy visiting the blogs of my readers, but can only do so if the url (web address) for your blog is left on your comment. Thanks so much!


Last but not least, I will be away from my computer from June 27-July 5th. Time for a little bloggy vacation! I will not be replying to comments or responding to emails until I return. To all of my American friends, I hope you have a safe and happy 4th! :)