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Weird Things Are Happening - BACK UP YOUR BLOG!

A couple of days ago, Blogger would not allow me to publish posts or make any changes to my blogs for an entire day. I wasn't even able to view my dashboard. Thousands of others were dealing with the same issue at the same time I was. Eventually the Blogger peeps figured out the problem and everything returned back to normal. Those hours were so frustrating....and scary, too!

Today, my friend published a post about how she received an email from Blogger stating that her test blog had been removed. She opened up her family blog and discovered that it, too, had been closed. There is absolutely nothing on any of her blogs that would be considered to be spam or offensive. Thankfully, she was given the option to restore her family blog, but, man, what a close call!

Did you know that there is a SUPER EASY way to back up your blog? I have shared this with you guys in the past, but it's been so long ago, I thought I would bring it up again. When you back up your blog, all of your posts will be saved in a file on your computer so that if your blog is removed or if you accidentally delete it, you will be able to create a new blog and upload all of your posts to it. It doesn't take very long to do (fast connections should take less than 5 minutes) and it is super duper easy. Click here for detailed instructions on how you can back up your blog just in case something terrible happens.

I haven't backed up my blogs in a very long time, but you can bet I'll be doing it straight away! I'm hoping that my friend's blog is an isolated incident, but I am not taking any chances. If it happened to her, it can happen to anybody. Backing up your blog is so easy. Spread the word! Better safe than sorry, in my opinion!

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