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Where Did the Fonts and Colors Section Go?????

Have you tried changing anything on your blog by using the Fonts and Colors feature since Blogger started this new template business? You were probably as shocked as I was to find that the Fonts and Colors tab is no longer there.

The good news is that the fonts and colors section can be found by clicking on Template Designer New! (underlined in pink above) on your page elements page.

Then click on Advanced at the bottom of the menu on the left. You can change the fonts and colors of the new and older templates (like minima) here.

When you have everything the way you want it, click on APPLY TO BLOG and then Back to Blogger. Both of these can be found at the top of the page.

Of course, if you'd rather do things the html way, you can always read through this tip to find out how to change your link colors manually. :)


What do you think of the new templates so far? The more I explore, the more I like them. Anyone have a really good experience they’d like to share????

Have a question about the new changes? I have found the Layouts and Templates section of the Blogger Help Forum to be very helpful. As always, you’re more than welcome to ask anything in the comments section below. Please be sure to include your url (web address) in your comment.

Special thanks to Katney and Late Night Guy for their help!

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