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Safeguarding Your Email Address

Not too long ago, I started receiving a lot of spam in my email inbox. The only place I had ever used my email address was on my blog. It was written out as is (ex: sneaky@yahoo.com). Didn't take long to figure out that spambots had combed my blog and found it.

I tried linking directly to my email address so that when people clicked on the link, they were taken to their email, where their compose message box would pop up already addressed to me. I found that many people did not have their email configured to automatically open with the direct link, so I began searching for another way to share my email address.

Through an internet search I found Scrim. Using Scrim allows my readers to click on a link on my blog to get my email address. It doesn't take them directly to their email, but to the Scrim site, where my email address can be retrieved after a very simple word verification step.

Word verification is a big turn off for me, but the wv on Scrim takes only a quick click of a mouse.

I like to use my scrim link in combination with a direct link for those of my readers who prefer to easily click and send me an email. What safeguards have you successfully used on your blog to protect your email address?

Please do not copy and paste my words and images into your own posts. I work hard on my tips and wish for everything to remain on this blog. Want to share this tip with your readers? Feel free to link to this post: http://sneakymommablogdesign.blogspot.com/2010/07/safeguarding-your-email-address.html Thanks! :)


LittleBlackDogStudio said...

I found that some people spell out the word at instead of using the @ symbol, which the bots look for

sneakymomma said...

Thanks for sharing! Spelling out 'dot' instead of using a period helps, too!