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Backdating (Hiding) a Post

Ever want to write a post that you want to hide*? Perhaps you have created a navigation (menu) bar and would like to create a few posts to link to without them being the topmost posts on your blog.

How to backdate a post:

1. Write the post.

2. Click on Post Options (below the post box - circled in red below):

3. Change the date under 'Post date and time' (underscored in green above) to a date before the dates of the posts on your top page.

4. Publish. The post will show up on your blog in chronological order along with your other posts.

If you need to edit a backdated post, you can click on the little pencil at the bottom of the post or go to your edit posts section and scroll down until you find it. Remember to look for the date you set for the post, not the actual date that you published it on. :)

*You cannot completely hide a post that has been published on your blog. As my blogging friend Donna reminded me, published posts will show up in your friends' blog roll, regardless of what date you put on them. As I mentioned above, people can also view the backdated post by scrolling down and hitting 'older posts'. It will also show up in your blog archive. For this reason, if you want the post to be as hidden as possible, choose a date in the past that has long gone by.

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