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More Color Choices!

Recently Blogger reconfigured their Fonts and Colors section. Previously, we were only given a 10-12 color palette to choose from. Now they have added a way for us to choose from tons of colors. Check it out!

1. Go to the Fonts and Colors section (click here for help finding it).

2. Click on the color beside the six digit hex code:

3. A box will pop up with a color chart on it and other shades to choose from. You can either click on a preselected color or click inside the large box and select a more precise color. Click on the slide at the top to change the color inside the big box.

Personally, I have found this new feature to be a BIG help! It doesn't give me as many choices as ColorZilla does, but it sure does a better job than the limited color palette that we had to choose from before!

Please do not copy and paste my words and images into your own posts. I work hard on my tips and wish for everything to remain on this blog. Want to share this tip with your readers? Feel free to link to this post: http://sneakymommablogdesign.blogspot.com/2010/08/more-color-choices.html      Thanks! :)