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Linking Directly to an Email Address - Beginner

It's easy to link directly to an email address from a post or gadget on your blog. Here's how:

1. Open the post or gadget and type in exactly how you would like the sentence/phrase to look.
EX: Click here to order a makeover.

2. Highlight the word that you would like to link directly to your email address and click on the link button.

3. Erase everything in the box. Type in mailto: followed immediately by your email address. No spaces. :) Click OK.

4. Check the email address and make sure it works. This is important!

If you use Blogger's updated editor, all you have to do to put an email address in a post is type in the link, click on the link button and select 'this is an email address'. SUPER easy! :)

When your readers click on the direct link to your email address, they will be taken to a blank email form on the email service that they have assigned to automatically open with direct email links. In other words, some people will be able to write you an email straightaway, others will have to copy the email address in the form and paste it in a new message via their preferred email provider.

A note about safety: Linking directly to an email address will NOT protect it from spambots. To protect your email address from spambots, you'll need to avoid using the at and period signs (@ .) when sharing your email address anywhere on your blog. That's why you'll sometimes see people write their email addresses out like this: sneakymomma AT yahoo DOT com.

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