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Switching from Old Editor to Updated Editor

A couple of years ago, Blogger created a new editor. An editor (in blogspeak) is the place where you write your posts. The new editor had many great features, including the ability to link to an email address and more photo options. Despite these time-saving additions, many bloggers (myself included) preferred working with the older editor. Being the kind folks that they are, Blogger decided to leave the old editor up as an option for those of use who were not excited about changing the way we edited our posts.

Most of my tips are written for the old editor. Why? Because that's what I am most familiar with. There's nothing wrong with the new editor. I find that it is really user friendly to new bloggers. I wish it had been around when I first started blogging, as that is what I would have learned on. If you're wondering why the images in my tips don't look exactly like the images on your screen, you're probably using the updated editor.

There may come a time when you'd like to switch editors. Perhaps you use the old editor and wish to explore the options on the new editor. Or maybe you've never even seen the old editor and wish to check it out (blogs created after the new editor was introduced automatically default to the new editor). Good news is that it is easy to switch back and forth between the two.

How to switch editors:

1. Go to your basic settings page. settings tab-->basic tab

2. Scroll down to the Global Settings section.3. Select old editor or updated editor.

4. Click on SAVE SETTINGS.

When you're ready to switch back, just repeat the above process and choose the other editor.

Which editor do you prefer? :)

Please do not copy and paste my words and images into your own posts. I work hard on my tips and wish for everything to remain on this blog. Want to share this tip with your readers? Feel free to link to this post: http://sneakymommablogdesign.blogspot.com/2010/09/switching-from-old-editor-to-updated.html Thanks! :)


Mark A. Cohen said...

Blogger has just removed the old editor (permanently!) I post using tags in Word. I copy/pasted my blog into the old editor because I posted TWICE on 2 different blogs - and, I had many tags, href URL's, and images. Posting to 2 blogs is now so time consuming I am completely frustrated and don't know how to make this efficient again. Please help! Send answers to my e-mail: mark.marj57@comcast.net. Thanks in advance!


Jill @ Sneaky Momma said...

Ugh. I was hoping that making everyone move to the new interface was an empty threat. My suggestion is to sit down, take a deep breath and spend an hour or two getting familiar with it all. I made the switch a couple of weeks ago and have found that everything is still there, just in different places. I have been frustrated because I write all of my posts in html mode (on the old editor). I've found it is now easier to write in compose mode, switching over only when I have to. I've had to change the way I've done things for years, but I feel that within a couple of weeks, I'll have it all down. Hang in there! :(