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How To Easily Find HTML Sections of Your Template

Ever get frustrated while searching for a particular section within the HTML of your template? Sometimes finding the section that needs to be modified can be more time consuming than making the actual changes!

There is a little trick that I use whenever I need to find an elusive section. I am not sure it will work on all browsers or computers, but it works like a charm when using Firefox on my PC.

As always, be sure to download a copy of your CURRENT template each and every time you wish to make a change to the html of your template. It's fast, easy, and will save you A LOT of heartache should you accidentally make a mistake. 
If you wanted to search for your sidebar wrapper, here's what you'd do.

1. Click on Edit HTML from your dashboard or page elements page.

2. *Press CTRL and F at the same time. This will cause a skinny little box to pop up at the bottom of the screen. Click on the images to enlarge them.

3. Type the word 'sidebar' (no punctuation marks) into the find box and press enter.

4. The word sidebar will be highlighted everywhere it appears within the template. Click on the next and previous buttons until you find the section that you are looking for. Then modify your code and be on your merry way!

*If the word that you are looking for is located in the widget templates section, you will need to click on the expand widget templates box before searching.

This nifty little trick works for me all over the internet. For example, if I am referring to an online newspaper article and want to find a specific word, I can search for it by following the steps above and it will be highlighted, thus making it easy to find. :)

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