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Tips by Ability Level

Beginner tips are tips that anyone can use.

Most intermediate tips require a little more skill when it comes to working with HTML. Download a copy of your template if a tip calls for making changes to the HTML of your blog. Use a practice blog if you are at all uncomfortable.

Advanced tips are for users who have successfully implemented beginner and intermediate tips with ease. They can be very difficult and most require several attempts before getting them right. Serious problems can result if a mistake is made while using an advanced tip, so try them on a practice blog first. As always, make sure to download a copy of your template before working on your real blog.


Bobbi said...

How do you get the flowers between your posts and what is this area of a blog called. I am trying to make some changes to my blog and would like to make my one design to put between my blog posts.

Jill @ Sneaky Momma said...

Hi Bobbi! That image is called a post separator. Perhaps this tip will help: http://www.allblogtools.com/tricks-and-hacks/add-a-post-divider-separator-between-blogger-blogspot-posts/. :)

Cindy said...

I was just curious what you've heard about Feedburner shutting down. Any other ideas to get RSS to email for Blogger?
Thank you so much for all your tips!

Bert en Joke said...

Dear Jill,

Sorry, my English is not so good.
Perhaps you can help, I would like to make buttons like on your blog.
About, All tips etc. I used to make backgrounds like on your blog, which I made in photoshop, that succeeds me now no more. Do you know how the buttons and backgrounds can make or do you know where I may find something about this with an example. Thank thank you very much.

Joke de Groot, Amsterdam

Jill @ Sneaky Momma said...

Hello, Joke! Perhaps these tips will help you:
http://bloggingwithamy.com/how-to-make-a-blog-button/ - I have great tip on how to create the code for others to grab your button: http://sneakymommablogdesign.blogspot.com/2009/01/advanced-blog-tip-sharing-your-button.html
Hope that helps! :)