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Links: Photos and Images

Did you know that you can link photo/images in your posts to another website, blog or post? If you use your blog to promote your online business, this tip can help increase the traffic from your blog to your site. Post a photo of one of your products and link it directly to where it can be purchased. Doing this will reduce the amount of work your customers have to do to find and purchase your product. Never a bad thing!

How to link up a photo - new editor

1. Upload the photo to your post while in compose mode.
Click on any image in this tip for an enlarged view.

2. Click on the photo/image. The image will become highlighted and a thin placement box will appear below it. While the photo/image is highlighted, click on the blue word "Link" on the editor toolbar.

4. Type in the url of the site/blog/post that you want to link the photo/image to. Click here for help linking to another blog/site or here for help linking to a specific post.

5. Click on OK.

How to link up a photo - old editor

1. Upload the photo to your post while in compose mode.
2. Click on the photo. A thin box should appear around it.
3. Click on the link button, circled in blue below.

4. Type in the url of the site/blog/post that you want to link the photo/image to.

5. Click on OK.

Want these links to open in new windows? Follow this tip! It's a good idea to make the links on your blog open in a new window any time they link to another blog/website. :)

This tip can be helpful for those of you who often link to other blogs/sites. For example: I wanted to share some awesome, easy-to-understand blog tips by Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors. I copied her button image and linked it to her blog tip page. If you click on the image above, you will be taken there. Go check 'em out!

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