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Having Comment Problems?

You're not alone! A quick trip to the Blogger Help Group shows that MANY people are still having trouble commenting on the posts of others. Normally, problems like this are fixed within a day or so of Blogger hearing about them. Not this time!

Fortunately, there are a few bloggers out there who have worked hard to come up with a temporary solution to this frustrating problem. If you're having comment woes, check out this post. Hope it helps! :)


Vintage Green said...

I am having a commenting problem, but in reverse. I can comment, but I am getting emails that other people can't comment on my blog. I haven't changed anything. Any suggestions?

Vintage Green said...

I forgot the subscribe by mail...:)
here we go!!

Jill @ Sneaky Momma said...

You poor thing! I have had this same thing happen to me before. It was a glitch in the Blogger system and eventually resolved itself. Some of my readers could comment, some couldn't. It was frustrating because I never knew when my comments would work or not. Good thing is that my comments worked on and off for about a month, then I never had any more problems. I hope that your comments come back soon! :(