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An Announcement....And Other Stuff

I am taking a break from new makeover orders so that I can spend more time with my family. I hope to start taking orders from new customers again within a month or so, but for right now, I must lighten my workload. Tennis, Awana, football, dance, storytime, art class, homeschooling.....whew! We're SO busy!

I will continue to take orders from existing customers during this time. If I've worked with you before and you need help from me, please do not hesitate to ask. I will still be working, just not as much.

I'll still write tips and offer free blog help through the comments section on this blog. I completely removed the Disqus comment system to make commenting easier. Be sure to click on subscribe by email in the comment box so that you will know when I reply to your comment.

I'm hosting a REALLY COOL giveaway here next week. I can't come right out and tell you what's being given away, but I'll give you a hint. Up for grabs is something adorable that's been recently added to my blog. Hmmmm.....can you guess what it is??????


Vintage Green said...

So glad to have found you............
OK, here's my problem.......I can comment on other blogs, but people are emailing me that they can't comment on mine. I haven't changed anything. I would appreciate any input you could give on this.