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Link Lists- Beginner

A link list can be a great organizational tool for your blog. It can help you group information so that your readers can find things easier. The tips by category and all tips sections in my sidebar are set up as link lists.

How To Create A Link List

1. Decide upon the purpose for your link list. Here are some items that you may want to group together:
  • individual blog posts from your blog or the blogs of others
  • labels (perhaps you only want to show one or two labels instead of all of them)
  • favorite blogs or websites
  • your contact information (email address, facebook profile, twitter profile, etc.)
2. Compile a list in a word processing document (Word, Works, Wordpad, etc.) of the urls (web addresses: http://.......) for each place you want to link to. Click on a linked item in step 1 for help getting the url for that item.

3. Go to your page elements page and click on Add A Gadget. Scroll down and select Link List:

4. Fill in the information in the box that pops up:

a. Give a title for the gadget, if desired. This will appear above the link list in your sidebar.
b. I never write anything in this box and suggest that you do the same. :)
c. Select a sorting option, if desired.
d. Type in the url for one of your links.
e. Type in what you would like for your readers to click on to be taken to that url.
f. Click on ADD LINK.
g. Repeat steps d-f for every link that you want to add. Once all of your links have been added, click on SAVE.

5. Move the gadget if you desire to do so. When you create a new gadget, it always appears at the very top of the section you created it in. For help with moving gadgets, click here.

If you chose not to sort the links, you may wish to rearrange them. To do this, click to edit the gadget from your page elements page or the wrench and screwdriver below the link list on your home page. Click on the up and down arrows beside the links to put them in a different order. Once you have everything the way you want it, click on SAVE.

Link, link, link away! :)

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undomestic chica said...

This answers my question from the other day on your post about labels, thank you. BUT, Blogger won't let me enter an image URL instead of a site name. Do you know hoe I might be able to do that?

Jill @ Sneaky Momma said...

I'm not sure I understand your question. You do not want to put an image url in a link field. Better to upload the image first, then put the url to the place you want it to go in the link field. :)

Online Parenting Class said...

this is really helpful.:)

Sue said...

Thanks Jill! This is exactly what I needed to organize all those recipes! It didn't take long! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Alex Smith said...

Helpful blog!
William S. Hart High School Senior Portraits