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Making Your Blog Private

Getting the heebie-jeebies about strangers visiting your blog? Worried about your family photos falling into the wrong hands? Sick of spam comments? All of these are valid reasons for wanting to make your blog private.

How a private blog works:

Private blogs are not password protected. You'll have to send invitation emails to via Blogger to the people that you want to be able to view your blog. The people that you send invitations to must click on a link in their email in order to access your blog. They can view your blog for up to a month as a guest if they do not have a Blogger account. If they have a Blogger account, they can view your blog until you delete their email address under your permissions tab.
You should consider keeping your blog open to everybody if:
  • You have readers who have a hard time on the computer. They'll have to jump through a few hoops if they do not have a Blogger account. If you really, really, really want technologically challenged Great Aunt Frieda to read your blog, you need to make it easy for her to do so. Otherwise, she'll give up if it's even remotely difficult. Trust me.
  • You're trying to build a readership. Blogger restricts the number of email invitations to a private blog to 100.
  • You want your readers to be able to view your blog updates through a reader or subscribe by email. Feeds do not work with private blogs. 
  • You're trying to make money on your blog (advertising, small business).
How to make your blog private:

1. Click on the design link in the upper right hand corner of your blog's homepage.

2. Click on the Settings tab.

3. Click on Permissions.

4. Select "Only people I choose" under Blog Readers. You can switch back to a public blog easily by selecting "Anybody" when/if you decide to do so. Notice that there is an option to restrict access to blog authors only. Why on earth would anyone want to do that? I have several practice blogs where viewing is restricted to me only. I like to practice my skills without anyone watching. : )
Click on image to enlarge.

5. Enter the email addresses of the people you wish to view your blog into the box. Separate each email address with a comma.

6. Click on INVITE. You can add new readers at any time.

Have you made your blog private? Tell me about your experience! :)

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