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Easy Animated Rainbow Links and Post Titles

There is a really cool gadget that you can add to your blog that makes links and post titles change colors when they are hovered over. To see an example of this effect, mouse over any link or post title on this test blog. Neat-o torpedo!

To get this effect on your blog, hop on over to Spice Up Your Blog and follow the directions on the post. The gadget is REALLY easy to install. It's easy to remove if you don't like the effect. Just delete the gadget from your page elements page.

Let me know if you try this. I'd love to see it! :)

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Paul Crowe said...

Great Blog, Thanks for sharing Spice it's appreciated :)

Lisa W said...

I really love your blog! It's helped me so much. This tip was easy to install and looks great! Stole your button for my blog too!!!