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How To Back Up Your Blog List

I've been working with Blogger templates for several years now. Back in the old days, I used to have to backup and reinstall every single sidebar item whenever I made big changes to a template. What a drag!

Blogger now gives us the option to keep current widgets when switching templates. This saves time (awesome), but it gives bloggers a false sense of security that everything will be the same once a new template is installed. When you opt to keep your widgets, most things will still be there, but they may be in different locations on your blog. You'll probably have to drag some things back to where they belong. No biggie.

Unfortunately, I have found out the hard way that blog lists often do not survive the switch, even when opting to keep the current widgets. If you include every blog that you follow on your blog list, replacing it is as easy as checking the box to import blogs from your Google Reader in the blog list gadget box. If you only show select blogs in your blog list, I highly recommend backing it up before making major changes to your template.

Here's an easy way to do so:
1. Go to your blog's homepage and scroll down to your blog list.

2. Right click on the topmost blog (NOT INDIVIDUAL POST) and select "Copy Link Location" or "Copy Shortcut".

3. Open up a new word processing/notepad document and paste the link into it. The only thing you need is the link/url for each blog. You do not need to save the titles.

Continue this process for all of the blogs on your list. When you're finished, you'll have a list of the urls to your favorite blogs. You may have to reinstall the blog list gadget if it accidentally gets deleted, but at least you'll have all the information you need in one place. So much better than having to visit every single blog to get the url for it. Now that would be a hassle!

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Lori in PA said...

Thank you for the clear directions for this safety step.

SueAnn said...

Thank you so much for the info

Julie's Blog said...

Hi ... I've just discovered your fantastic blog! Awesome hints and tips thanks :D I was hoping you may know how to fix a problem that I have just discovered .... All of a sudden on my blog I have lost my edit icon/shortcut at the bottom of all my gadgets and posts and therefore have to go the long way through design and edit post to do any editing to my gadgets and posts. I have no idea what has happened and can't seem to figure how how to get it back! Any advice would be greatly appreciated .... Julie :D http://juliesworldofhappiness.blogspot.com.au/

Jill @ Sneaky Momma said...

Hi Julie! Try this first: Go to your Page Elements section. Click "edit" in the blog posts section. Make sure that the "show quick editing" box is checked. For a few months my quick editing tools disappeared from my posts and gadgets, even though that box was checked. The bad news is that I could not figure out how to bring them back. The good news was that they eventually returned on their own. Perhaps the same will happen to you. Hope this helps. :)

www.undergrounddining.blogspot.com said...

ha. i wish i read this before i switched domains. bookmarking for future use. thanks!

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